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We have one simple approach to the way we practice dentistry – to provide all our patients and their families with outstanding dental care in a relaxing, welcoming, and comfortable environment. This patient-focused philosophy is the foundation for our success and enables us to deliver gentle treatments that are specifically tailored to meet each patient's unique set of needs.

Full & Partial Dentures

Your smile says a lot about you even before you speak a word. A whole and healthy smile gives you the confidence to interact freely with others, whether it’s a business or social setting. However, missing teeth diminish your self-confidence and, worse yet, can make you look and feel older.

When you were little, did your grandparents wear dentures? Did you dread the idea that someday you might wear them too? Fortunately, all the great new dental technology and procedures that have come along allow people to keep their original teeth a lot longer than in the past.

We hope that you don’t need dentures, but what happens if you do? There’s a lot to consider – Which type is best for you? How will your new dentures fit and feel? Will they look unnatural? Would dental implants be a better choice?

We’re committed to keeping your smile healthy and looking great for a long, long time. But if your life is negatively affected by missing teeth, we have many options, and removable dentures are one of the options.

Will My Dentures Look Natural?

This is one of the first questions we hear from patients who are considering dentures. At the office of Clifford S. Litvak, DDS, we create natural-looking dentures using the most updated dental materials available.

Our customized dentures are lightweight acrylic and tinted to blend naturally with your gums. Artificial teeth are carefully crafted and placed in the acrylic base one by one for the most realistic appearance possible. Relying on over 30 years of experience and skill, Dr. Litvak creates dentures that actually enhance your appearance and boost your self-confidence.

What Type of Denture Is Right for Me?

Full dentures consist of an upper and lower plate and are used when all or most of your teeth are missing. Partial dentures are appropriate if you’re missing several teeth but still have remaining teeth to which a partial can be secured.

We want to provide you with the results you’re looking for, so before we start the process, we’ll talk to you about your expectations and how we can help you achieve your goals. We’ll work with you to find the right tooth shape, size, color, and positioning to bring out your most beautiful smile.

Will My New Dentures Feel Secure?

Upper dentures are usually more stable than lowers because they cover more surface area, providing a more secure fit. In many cases, lowers tend to move around more because they cover a smaller area and the constant movement of your tongue can unseat the denture.

Stability is one of the biggest complaints among denture-wearers. If you’re concerned that this will be a problem for you, we’ll be happy to talk to you about securing your dentures with dental implants. Many of our patients now enjoy the security that stable implant-supported dentures offer.

Anyone who starts wearing dentures experiences an adjustment period. New dentures always feel a little awkward at first. Just be patient with yourself, and in no time you’ll be speaking and eating with ease.

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Let Dr. Litvak and our experienced team help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile in a friendly and relaxed setting. Please give us a call, and we’ll be happy to arrange a consultation to discuss all your tooth replacement options.

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